3210 LDR FFP2 NR V Dust Mask (Pack of 15)
3210 LDR FFP2 NR V Dust Mask (Pack of 15)
3210 LDR FFP2 NR V Dust Mask (Pack of 15)

3210 LDR FFP2 NR V Dust Mask (Pack of 15) (3210)

Price : USD9.99(Vat included)

Special filter, highest protection, lowest air resistance, comfortable breathing, maximum protection dust mask

Our LDR Folding Series Masks are the model that we offer our customers the highest protection at the most affordable prices.
While it protects you at the highest level with its special filter material, it is also one of the most suitable masks for long-term use with its light and thin structure.
The thermal binding fabric we use in the inner layer of the mask protects the mask against collapses, and gives you freshness and freedom by keeping the mask away from the mouth by adding volume on the inside.
The nose clip, which we mounted hidden inside the mask, does not break or separate, and thanks to its ergonomic and strong structure, it helps to provide a special and safe seal by adapting to every face shape.
TPE products, which do not contain latex and are not harmful to the environment and human health, are used as mask rubber with other personal protective products such as glasses, earmuffs, helmets.
Our specially designed valves, with their bowl-shaped inner structure, open and close in the fastest way, providing you with coolness and comfort while performing their duties.

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