8 Tons Tow Rope (Towing Rope) - Eyed Sling

8 Tons Tow Rope (Towing Rope) - Eyed Sling (HSES-8-3)

Price : USD23.20(Vat included)

8 Tons Tow Rope (Towing Rope) - Eyed Sling


Note: Eyebolts are not included in the products.

Tons: 8

Color: Blue

Eyed Slingshot

Material: Polyester
Coefficient of Safety: 6:1
Standard: TS EN1492-1+A1/AC:2008, DIN EN 1492-1
Length: It can be produced in any size in line with customer needs.
Color: EU Norm Color Coding

Double-layered mesh slings made of polyester are the most preferred and used sling type in the market.



2 Tons: Green

3 Tons: Yellow

4 Tons: Grey

5 Tons: Red

6 Tons: Brown

8 Tons: Blue

10 Tons and Above : Orange


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