Athlete Buoyancy Assistant
Athlete Buoyancy Assistant

Athlete Buoyancy Assistant (M22710-S)

Price : USD25.31(Vat included)

Athlete Buoyancy Assistant

Ideal for small boat users, surfers, kayakers, optimists and laser users. It offers the user the best in terms of both safety and performance, thanks to the pocket fabric on the front, the buckle for tightening the waist and the elastic to grip. It also has an adjustable buckle strap arrangement at the shoulders.
 M22708  M22710  M22712  M22714  M22716
Size                     XS           S           M                  L              XL
Buoyancy          35 N        40 N       40 N            45 N          50 N
Body weight   30-40 Kg  40-50 Kg  50-60 Kg   60-70 Kg   70 + Kg

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