Child Life Jacket Solas

Child Life Jacket Solas (M02550)

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Child Life Jacket Solas

Martek Children's Life Jackets are designed to be used in all waters and difficult weather conditions for children between 15 and 43 kg, who know how to swim or not. Its restraint is reinforced with its second belt. It can be used on cargo and passenger ships that make international voyages, as well as ships engaged in port and cabotage voyages. The interior consists of closed cell polyethylene plates. It is made of orange fabric with high visibility and has steering mark certificate. MSC regulations, which are mandatory to be implemented as of July 1, 2010, are in compliance with 48 (66) with 81 (70) and 207 (81) annexes with 200 (80) annex. We recommend that Martek M02550 life jacket be used with M02515 or M02516 Martek life jacket lights.

Having a lifejacket or a buoyancy aid does not constitute a guarantee for your safety if you do not know how to use it and how to wear it.
1. You must wear the lifejacket or buoyancy aid at all times, but this is not applicable. Keep it in a place where you can easily reach.
2. Adjust the belts to be closed and secure.
Always wear with zippers and buckles closed.
Practice usage before an emergency.
Try it in the water so you can observe the equipment's function and how it gives you a swimming position.
3. Teach the kids to wear a lifejacket or buoyancy aid. They should be able to use it on their own. Children panic when they enter the sea. This causes them to move their arms and legs quickly, and the life vest or buoyancy aid may not be able to keep the fluttering child's face up. So teach it to wear in water and on land. Lifejacket or buoyancy aids are not childminders; the child must wear them, whether on land or at sea, and the parent should always be with the child.
4. When choosing a lifejacket or buoyancy aid, always keep in mind that it can also be used with other clothing.
5. Your lifejacket or buoyancy aid may not behave the same in stormy conditions, compared to calm weather conditions. The clothes you wear and the items you carry in your pockets can change its operation. If your mouth is not above the water, buy a new one or choose the one with more buoyancy.
6. Buoyancy devices such as lifejackets or buoyancy aids only reduce the risk of drowning. It does not guarantee survival.

These buoyancy aids and lifejackets are manufactured and tested for full performance and longevity. It retains its properties if the following warnings are followed.
1. Always make sure that the life vest or buoyancy aid is worn correctly.
2. After use, wash the life jacket or buoyancy aid with fresh water first and let it dry naturally, then store it in a dry environment. Do not leave it under the sun for long periods. Do not wash in the washing machine. Oil and similar stains can be removed by hand with soapy water. Never dry on a radiator, with a heater, or any other heat source.
3. Check your buoyancy aid or lifejacket before using it. Examine all parts (zipper, tapes, whistle, fabric, buckle and belt) carefully, make sure it works properly. Do not use a life jacket or buoyancy aid that does not work properly, get a new one.
4. Do not use lifejackets or buoyancy aid in a way that damages pillows, cushions, fenders or the like. Never make changes or additions to the product. This degrades the performance of the product.
5. Check your lifejacket or buoyancy aid every year. If you detect a part that does not open or function in its color, you must renew your vest for your life safety.
6. Store your life jacket or buoyancy aid in places that will not be affected by environmental factors.
7. Do not store in a way that could damage the lifejacket or buoyancy aid, and do not put heavy weights on it.
8. Do not leave your lifejacket or buoyancy aid for long periods of time when your boat is not in use.
9. Put a sign "life jackets are here" on the places where life jackets are on the boat.
10. Care of the lifejackets is your responsibility. Renewal may be your own decision or depends on the surveys of that country or the classification society surveyors.

1. Transport your lifejacket or buoyancy aid without damage.
2. During transportation, do not expose to sunlight, impact, sharp surfaces, chemicals for a long time and provide a dry environment.

Dispose of it in accordance with environmental protection conditions.

Before choosing a buoyancy aid or life jacket, the user should know the difference in function between them.
100 Newton lifejackets are designed for use by those who know or don't know how to swim in nearby waters.
Life jackets over 100 Newton were designed for those who know how to swim or who don't know how to use them in the harshest weather conditions.

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