Warranty Conditions and After Sales Services


Warranty Conditions and After Sales Services


 Seller Company’s :

Title: Martı Safety LLC.

Address: 5601 St.  No:27 Çamdibi Neighbohood, 35090 Bornova/İzmir Turkey

Phone: 0850 305 10 01

e-mail: [email protected]

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Warranty Period:

Maximum Repair Time:

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1) The warranty period starts from the date of delivery and is 2 years.

2) The entire product, including all its parts, is under warranty.

3) If it is understood that the good is defective, according to the 11th article of the Law on the Protection of the Consumer number 6502, the consumer could request;

a- Cancellation from the contract,

b- Requesting a discount from the sales price,

c- Asking for free repair

ç- Requesting to be replaced with a multiple of the sold items

4) In the event that the consumer chooses the right of free repair from these rights, the seller; is obliged to repair or have the goods repaired without any charge under the name of labor cost, replacement part price or any other name. The consumer can also use his free repair right against the manufacturer or importer. The seller, manufacturer and importer are jointly responsible for the consumer's exercise of this right.

5) If the consumer uses the right to free repair, the good; - Failure again within the warranty period, - Exceeding the maximum period required for repair, - In cases where it is determined that the repair is not possible by a report by the authorized service station, seller, manufacturer or importer; The consumer may demand the return of the goods, a discount at the rate of defects or, if possible, the replacement of the goods with the amount without defects. The seller cannot refuse the consumer's request. If this request is not fulfilled, the seller, the manufacturer and the importer are jointly responsible.

6) The repair period of the product cannot exceed 20 working days, and 30 working days for passenger cars and vans. This period starts on the date of notification of the defect related to the product to the authorized service station or seller within the warranty period, and on the date of delivery of the product to the authorized service station if it is out of the warranty period. If the malfunction of the product cannot be fixed within 10 working days, the manufacturer or importer; Until the repair of the good is completed, it has to allocate another good with similar features to the use of the consumer. In case of malfunction of the product within the warranty period, the time spent in repair is added to the warranty period.

7) The malfunctions caused by the use of the product contrary to the matters contained in the user manual are not covered by the warranty.

8) The consumer may apply to the Consumer Arbitration Committee or the Consumer Court in the place where the settlement is located or where the consumer transaction is made in case of disputes that may arise regarding the use of his/her rights arising from the guarantee.

9) If this Warranty Certificate is not given by the seller, the consumer can apply to the Ministry of Trade, General Directorate of Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance.

After sales services

Repairs, returns and exchanges of products that are covered by the warranty or not are covered  by Martı Safety. It is highly requested to return the faulty product to Martı Safety office. If the product repair is required to be made within the warranty conditions, our technical service examines the failure status of the relevant product and informs the customer with the warranty conditions.

In cases where the repair of the product is requested, the product is examined by our technical service team and informs the customer whether it is suitable for repair or not and, if appropriate, the repair amount. Repair process is carried out with the approval of the customer.

In the repair of products out of warranty, the shipping cost of the product belongs to the customer.

If the product sent by Martı Safety is found to be faulty or defective, all shipping costs belong to Martı Safety systems.



Satış Sonrası Hizmetler


Garanti kapsamı içinde yer alan veya yer alamayan ürünlerin tamir işlemleri, iade işlemleri ve değişim işlemleri Martı Safety tarafından yapılmaktadır. Hatalı ürünün Martı Safety  ofisine geri gönderilmesi ile önemle rica olunur. Ürün tamirinin garanti koşulları içinde yapılması isteniyorsa, teknik servisimiz ilgili ürünün arıza durumunu inceler, garanti koşulları ile birlikte müşteriye bilgi verir.


Ürünün tamirinin talep edildiği durumlarda ürün, teknik servis ekibimiz tarafından incelenir ve tamire uygun olup olmadığı, uygunsa tamir tutarı hakkında müşteriyi bilgilendirir. Müşterinin onayı ile birlikte tamir işlemi gerçekleştirilir.


Garanti kapsamı dışında yer alan ürünlerin tamir işlemlerinde, ürün nakliye bedeli müşteriye aittir.


Martı Safety  tarafından gönderilen ürün hatalı veya arızalı çıkar ise, tüm kargo maliyetleri, Martı Safety  sistemlerine aittir.


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