Maus Xtin Klein Yangın Söndürücü
Maus Xtin Klein Yangın Söndürücü
Maus Xtin Klein Yangın Söndürücü
Maus Xtin Klein Yangın Söndürücü
Maus Xtin Klein Yangın Söndürücü

Maus Xtin Klein Fire Extinguisher (maus-Xtin)

Price : USD78.53(Vat included)

Maus Xtin Klein Fire Extinguisher

The fire extinguishers are now in Turkey in the future. The smallest firefighters in the world not only fit anywhere, they also put out fires with innovative potassium-based smoke. MAUS Xtin Klein saves you a great deal of time and money if there is a fire in your home, cars, boats or workplace. Do not bother to clean the environment by extinguishing with powder or foam unless necessary. You can use it for 5 years without the need for filling and maintenance. Always remember to use MAUS first. Certified by RINA and ISO, BAM and CE-marked. Holly Smoke! ™

MAUS Xtin Klein is smaller than a pepper mill and lighter than a glass of milk. It fights all kinds of small Fires and does not require cleaning as it extinguishes the fire with Potassium-based smoke. It is not under pressure and, unlike a conventional powder extinguisher, is maintenance free.

It leaves no residue.
It does not require cleaning.
It does not damage machinery, electronics and interior items.
It is 8 times lighter than conventional dry powder extinguisher.
Aerospace technology is used.
Fits in glove box and kitchen drawer.
Potassium-based aerosol smoke is completely non-toxic.
It is guaranteed for 5 years.
The quenching time is the same as the 6-pound conventional powder extinguisher.
It does not damage hard drives.
It does not require maintenance.
As long as the smoke is in the room, it does not allow the fire to recur.
Provides protection after the discharge period.

Dimensions Length: 242 mm, Ø: 53 mm
Weight: 480 grams
Temperature Range: -20 ° C to + 55 ° C
Fire Classes (ENL Certificate): 8BC
Discharge Time: About 9 seconds
Shot Length: 3 meters
Shelf Life: 5 years from the date of manufacture
Material: Potassium blend


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