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Visitor Apron (ZO-25)

Price : USD44.53(Vat included)

40 Grams Hygienic Disposable Guest Apron

Disposable visitor aprons, also known as paper aprons or guest aprons, are hygienic and economical clothes used to prevent unwanted foreign materials that may pass into the working environment from the clothes of visitors coming from outside to health institutions, food production places and other hygienic working environments. It produces 100% polypropylene (PP) nonwoven interlining fabric in different qualities and colors. Thanks to the air permeability feature of this fabric, there is no sweating and it is very comfortable to use.

Polypropylene / Nonwoven
Patient Gown With Back Tie
Visitor Apron With Front Tie
Air Permeability
Standard Size
20-40 gr/m2


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